Wizard Step 3 – Layout

Now it’s time to deal with the MS Word releated stuff:

wsSqlSrvDoc Wizard step 3

Save generated Word Document to this folder:

Here you can provide the folder where the generated document should be saved to.  The filename itself will be those of the Database.  If an document exists in this directory with the same name, it will be overwritten (because the new generated documentation will be more up to date than an older one).

Layout – Use build in Word Template:

Here you can choose one of the existing build in Word Templates.

Layout – Use custom template:

Here you have the possibility of using your very own Word Template.  This template can be either an empty Word Document or a “real” Word Template.

You can define the layout in any way you like (headlines, text, table layout, page layout, header/footer and so on) to fit it to your individual CI.

Using MS Word Templates