SCLR is a SW:TOR Combat Log Reader that allows you to analyse the content of a Combat Log. SCLR consists of a modern UI and offers various grouping/sorting/filtering abilities.


  • Modern*, flexible User Interface
  • 3D Bar Charts - rotate and zoom them!
  • Sort, group and use simple filter to analyse as you wish
  • Use the advanced filter-editor for complex filtering
  • File-Export: Save as Picture, MS Excel or PDF

* This app was created back in 2012 where it had a state of the art UI. But even still today the UI can be considered to be solid.
   When running on higher resolutions, we recommand setting a higher font size in the apps settings.

How-to enable the combat log?

This can be done in the game settings.

Where do I find the combat log files?

In  "My Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic"  folder.

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