Convert videos to GIF animations

Overview of the 6 conversion steps

  1. Choose a Video file
    (don't expect to convert a 2 hours video into a tiny GIF, that wont work - rather, use videos with 10 or 20 seconds playtime)

  2. Key frame interval
    A key frame will be extracted every X milliseconds.
    Remember: 1000 milliseconds = 1 second.
    Therefore a setting of 2000ms = take a key frame every 2 seconds
    (higher numbers = smaller GIF file / lower numbers = smoother animation)

  3. Extract key frames
    Creating all the key frames and save them temporarily to disc according to the settings in #2

  4. Select GIF properties
    Choose the GIF dimensions (with and height in pixel) and maybe one or more cool effects.

  5. Create animated GIF file
    The GIF file will be composed. This can take some seconds...

  6. Finished
    Here you can open the folder that contains the created GIF file.
    You even can upload your GIF animation to!

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