In Microsoft SQL Server we have the SQL Server Export Wizzard that enables us to export MS Excel files.

But it's...  a little bit annoying to say at least.  Yes, all of the wizzards build into MS SQL Server are capeable of doing their job. The concerns are more about the "how":

  • We are running on WQHD or even 4K screen resolutions, yet the various wizzard interfaces are very tiny with their 8px font - even on a standard 1080p resolution.  Resizing the wizzard dialog window to usefull dimensions where you don't have to scroll miles? Of course this is not possible...
  • You're logged into a SQL Server instance where you want to export stuff and the first thing in the export wizzard is - selecting the server instance from which data should be exported.  Hello MSFT? Why don't you take the current server instance as a default with the option to choose a different one?
  • You don't want to simply export a table but rather would like to export the result of a complex query? No problem - create a view and export it - one more additional step, one more thing to get ride of afterwards.
  • Then we have to map each single column. But even by doing so MS Excel sometimes really gets into big troubles interpreting a simple DateTime value.

That's much too much headache for such a simple and recurring task - I have that SQL query X, put the result field in an Excel table. Period. 

No need to waste minutes after minutes any longer for that simple task thanks to SqlQuery2Excel!

SqlQuery2Excel comes with a built in Project Management:

Save you current SQL query with the current credentials for future usage.  Of course, because security matters, all of your sensitive data will be stored encrypted.