Wizard Step 1 – Login to SQL Server Instance

In the first page of the wizard you’ll have to provide the logon information for the MS SQL Server database:

wsSqlSrvDoc Wizard step 1


Select an existing profile from the drop down list.  You can of course enter a new name in the input field of the droop down list which will create a new profile that will be persisted for later usage.

Important: The provided credentials will be stored localy.   Security concerns?  Not with AES 256bit encryption!  Because security does matter.

SQL Server:

Enter the IP Adress or Host Name of your MS SQL Server.  If you want to adress the Server running on your local computer, just use “.” or “localhost”.


Enter the name of the database for which the documentation should be generated.  Also known als “initial catalog” to developers.

Windows integrated security:

No username and password required.  You will be logged on the the SQL Server with the credentials of your Windows User Account.  This account needs to have acess rights on the server/database.

SQL Server User Login:

Old school way of login via username and passwort.  This login must exist on the server.

You can specify a readonly user!  Therefore, simply set that user’s permissions to SELECT only.  This way you can be shure that wsSqlSrvDoc simply can not harm your database in any way.  So no headache due to security issues!