The Documentation Generator Tool for MS SQL Server Databases

Ever needed to create a documentation of your database metadata schema? The wsSqlSrvDoc Database Documentation Generator is a very powerfull and yet easy to use tool.

With wsSqlSrvDoc you can create documentation for Microsoft SQL Server databases with just a few mouse clicks!

Save your time! Why should you create such a documentation from scratch? Why should you spend an huge amount of money for a big enterprise solution? Not to mention: Both ways are time consuming! Creating it all on your own needs time, learning to deal with a big enterprise software solution needs time. Time is something a stressed developer simply doesn’t have. And even if this stressed developer would have the time – there are for shure better things he could do in this time.

Simply create your comments for tables and fields as you work in the MS SQL Server Management Studio – no plugin or 3rd party software needed. Then launch the wsSqlSrvDoc wizard and create a MS Word Document containing all needed database statistics and detailed infos on each table/field according to your comments – with just a few clicks of your mouse!

It’s really all that simple! 1-2-3 and you’re done!

wsSqlSrvDoc Wizard step 1
Wizard Step 1:
Provide Logon Information to your MS SQL Server Instance.
ws SqlSrvDoc Wizard step 2
Wizard Step 2:
Select the Database Schema Objects that should be documented.
wsSqlSrvDoc Wizard step 3
Wizard Step 3:
Define the Layout of the generated MS Word Document – choose one of the build in templates or provide your custom Word Template.
wsSqlSrvDoc Wizard step 4
Wizard Step 4:
wsSqlSrvDoc has finished sucessfully, browse the generated output or create a new one.

The wsSqlSrvDoc wizard does not write to your database. So there is no possibility that wsSqlSrvDoc could harm your database in any way!

Sample output of the generated MS Word Document

wsSqlSrvDoc - generated MS Word File

Your Options

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or view the documentation.


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