Privacy Policy for Windows Apps and Windows Phone Apps

All of our apps for Windows and Windows Phone are available as a free version too.  In order to subsidise those free versions, ads from Microsoft Bing (or other providers) will be displayed.   To serve those ads, the Microsoft AdCenter needs to know your country and therefore your location.

Yes, ads are annoying but it’s even more annoying to see french ads in the US or asian ads in Europe.

To overcome this, you can disable location services in your device settings.

That’s fine and will not break the app.

We at wolfSYS do not track, record or use this information in any way!

Never, ever – why should we?   Our business is about making software – not selling data.

We will never collect & store any personal data. Never.

Privacy Policy for YouTube upload

Review special privacy information uploading videos on YouTube.

Why are you using ads?

We know that ads are annoying.  However, the generate a few cents. If you like the app you can simply overcome this by buying the full version, if available.  Or we offer an option to remove those ads for a really tiny one time fee.  We are not getting rich this way but we can however afford our infrustructure.

Why has the full version the same capabilities?

So the full version that serves no ads requires the same capabilities like the free, ad-sponsored version.  Why?

Quite simple because both versions are one and the same application.  Only your obtained license model (trial/full) from Microsoft Windows (Phone) Store makes the difference.  Regarding to your license, the same physical app serves ads or not.