Unable to open SQL Server Object Explorer – HowTo fix this VS2012 Bug


When I click on Visual Studio’s view/SQL Server Object Explorer, the SQL Server Object Explorer tab shows

Unable to connect to a database and browse objects.  Incompatible version of SQl Server Data Tools and Database runtime components are installed on this computer.

SQL Server 2012 SP 1 Breaks SQL Server Database Projects

This is because

SQL Server 2012 SP1 Breaks SQL Server Database Projects

Therefore, VS2012 is unable top open SQL Server Object Explorer.

To fix this problem you need to reinstall SSDT (this is short for “SQL Server Data Tools”). Be carefull about the version, we need the SSDT November 2012 update.

Download SSDT November 2012 Update from Microsoft.

SQL Server 2012 SP 1 Breaks SQL Server Database Projects

Now you should have content in the SQL Server Object Explorer of VS2012.

However, your existing projects need to be migrated.

That said, when you now try and open an existing project/solution, you are advised that the project needs Migrating – however no migration wizard is launched and there is no visible way of migrating the project.

To migrate your project you need to Right Click on the Project name and select “Reload Project”.


This will launch the “One-way Upgrade wizard” which converts your project into the latest version of SSDT: