Unable to establish a connection to a TeamSpeak3 server

Some users have reported that they were unable to query their clan/guild TeamSpeak Server.

This may have one of these reasons:

The TS3 query function is disabled

Please contact your TS3 server admin and ask him/her to enable the TS query function.

If this is not the case (=TS query function is enabled)

…there may be some other misconfiguration on that Server, like f.e. server/client permissions (“rights”).

Please contact your TS3 server admin.

You can test if a TeamSpeak 3 server is probably configured íf you can query that TS server by following those instructions from the official TeamSpeak forum:



…and any connection that will work via TELNET or PUTTY will also work under who’s on TS3.

And if you can’t query a TS 3 server via those instructions given above than it certainly will not work under who’s on TS3 too.  In that case, if the TS admin has enabled the query function there exists some misconfiguration on the server’s side.

Other External Viewers

You can also cross-check with other external TS3 Viewers, like f.e. TeamSpeak Viewer from 4Players. When you are unable to view a certain TeamSpeak Server there, then please contact the server admin.