HowTo login to Twitter

Click on the ID Manager button (that is: above the pulldown menu that contains the different Twitter Identities):

tMORE ID Manager

Now, the Twitter authentification page for tMORE will popup (click on Image to enlarge):

tMORE - logon to Twitter

Here, you enter either your twitter display name or the email adress of your twitter account and then of course the Password for this twitter account.

After you click on the authorize app button on that page, Twitter returns a PIN.  Enter this PIN in the TextBox below and click the button Verify PIN.

tMORE - log into Twitter

Now you will be asked under which display name tMORE should store that ID.

tMORE - set ID display name

Here, you can assign any name you want to.  Now the newly added ID is ready to be used: Click the Login button to login to Twitter with the newly created ID.

tMORE - logon to Twitter

or select the new ID from the pulldown menu under the ID Manager RibbonUI Button:

tMORE Twitter Identity selection

Important security hint:
Your Password won’t be stored on your local computer, only the returned Tokens from Twitter.