User Interface


tMORE offers an up to date user interface:  All the needed commands are available via the Ribbon Menu Bar of the application.  Here you see the Home Ribbon Bar

tMORE - tweet more than 140 chars at once!

where you access all the main functionalities of the tMORE application like for example:

The second tab of the Ribbon Bar is labeled as “Design“.  Here, you’ll find everything you need in order to style your text in any way you want:

tMORE - tweet more at once!

You can switch between all the fonts available on your system, assign different font sizes and even change the colors.  There exists nearly everything that you are familiar from Microsoft Word:

tMORE - design your tweet

At the bottom of the main window you’ll see the Status Bar that displays important informations like f.e. the Twitter Identity you’re currently logged in or any errors.

tMORE - tweet more than 140 chars at once

App Menu – Help & Support

By clicking on the Main Window Icon of the app, the applications main menu opens.

tMORE App Menu

From here you can access the online help (will open in a new browser window) and you can send an email to our support team in case you’ve encountered a problem.