Free YouTube Recorder

YouTube Recorder

Download MP4 Video and MP3 Audio from YouTube Simply paste all URLs of the YouTube videos you want to download.  After having added all videos press the “download all files” button. Settings You can access the settings via File/Settings. Download Folder: Here you can choose the location where your downloads […]

Microsoft Build 2017

Designing mobile applications

Mobile applications present a unique set of design challenges and opportunities that differ from traditional desktop and browser based applications. With powerful cross-platform solutions like Xamarin you can now deliver more, more quickly. In this presentation, learn about the constraints of devices and platform ecosystems, how to optimize your workflow […]

Git at a scale

learn how Microsoft uses Git in large teams, and how you can make use of the advanced Pull Request and Code Review features in Visual Studio Team Services. Peek under hood to understand how Microsoft makes large repos and servers scale to support some of the most demanding needs of any software engineering team.

Microsoft Build 2017

New App Diagnostics API for UWP

In this Channel9 session, MSFT examines the whole surface of the new app diagnostic APIs, how the API hierarchy models the kernel and platform runtime functionality, and what’s here in the Creators Update and coming in the next release. They also walk through building a UWP version of Task Manager. […]

Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017

App Model evolution

Graph based app model The App Model for any OS includes everything in the app lifecycle from packaging and deployment to background execution to communication/sharing to the notification system and finally uninstalling the app. Andrew Clinick will cover how the app model is evolving with Project Rome to encompass the […]