Entity Framework

Why to prefer LINQ over SQL

There are still those who write old SQL statements for every (!) CRUD operation. If you’ve used SQL for many years, you may have become so accepting of it that you simply reject the better approach. SQL is a very old language — invented back in 1974. Since then it’s […]

MS SQL Tricks

Identify your server instance When working with SSMS it can sometimes be unclear which server you are querying. This can cause problems especially when working on test, dev and production systems as most developers do. How can you clearly, in the blink of an eye, identify the connections when using […]

How to Install

  After clicking on the download link, the first (of many…) “warning” from MS Windows will be displayed – proceed with clicking the Run button. On Systems that have the Windows SmartScreen enabled, the next warning will be displayed. Proceed.  If you haven’t local administrator permissions, an admin has to […]

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VS 2013

Convert UTC to Local Time on MS SQL Server

Sometimes one has to convert a DateTime value stored in the DB to local DateTime.  Of course we have everything we need for this available in the .NET Framework.  But there may be situations where you have to convert on the database server side, for example within a Stored Procedure […]