.NET 4.5

ScreenCast: Async and Await in C# 5.0

This video will dig into the latest features for asynchronous programming in .NET  and examine some of the newest features of C# 5.0. This includes studying async methods which are part of C# 5.0 (async and await operations) and build on the PFx Task library. We will also briefly look at […]

VS 2013

System requirements

wsSqlSrvDoc System Requirements Microsoft SQL Server: 2005 2008 2012 Microsoft Office: Word 2003 Word 2007 Word 2010 Word 2013 Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 If you haven’t installed the .NET Framework ver. 4.5 on your system, the Microsoft WebInstaller for the .NET Framework (which is included in the setup) will […]