Create an Excel sheet from any T-SQL query on the fly

Although it should be – in theory – relatively easy to copy the result of a query from the output grid in MSSQL Server Management Studio to MS Excel this simple task can become quite cumbersome in some situations.

Sometimes this can be done without any problems while on the other hand sometimes MS Excel refuses to accept dates or even numbers. Even when you save your SQL query results in MSSQL Server Management Studio as a CSV file MS Excel sometimes refuses to format those types correctly, even if you specify the right format in MS Excel import dialog.

This is where SqlQuery2Excel comes in handy.

SqlQuery2Excel main window

Just provide the connection string for the database, paste your SQL query, select the appropriate date format and create the Excel sheet.

But wait – while you can use SqlQuery2Excel just in a “fire & forget” mode you can even save your current SQL query with the actual connection string and the current selected date format as a “project” for recurrent usage.

Don’t worry about security – of course we encrypt your sensitive data (connection string, query) two times before we save it on disk.

manage your "excel export projects" with SqlQuery2Excel

And best of all – SqlQuery2Excel is free of charge!

On startup the application checks if there is an update available in order to keep SqlQuery2Excel up to date. However you can choose to continue with your current version if you do not wish to update.