Powerful UI: Working with Filters

You can filter any column in the combat log window.  By doing so, only results that fall within your filter criteria will be displayed.  This way you’ll get rid of results that you are currently not interested in.

To do so, move the mouse over the column header and click on the filter icon in the top right corner:

SCLR set filter            SCLR filter column

Once you’ve set one filter (or more), your filter criterias will be displayed under the log file in order to remind you that you currently only see a subset:

SCLR working with filters

You can customize those filters even further!  To do so, you have to open the filter editor:

SCLR filter editor

The filter editor is a powerful tool that can drill down your result set even further:

SCLR Filter Editor     SCLR FIlter Editor

Combined with grouping you can analyze the SWTOR combat log in any way you like to:

Filtered and Grouped