To Port or Not to Port your App to .NET CORE?

Microsoft’s Immo Landwerth said the following: Reasons not to port You’re building desktop applications (WinForms, WPF) You’re building ASP.NET Web Forms apps You’re simply happy with the status quo Reasons to port You want to build highly scalable Web apps You want to run your Web apps on Linux You […]

Visual Studio 2015

Serve My Pictures

Turn your Android device into a web server and share your pictures on your WiFi! Turn your Android Device into a web server and share your pictures and videos from the Camera Roll with every browser on any device within the same WiFi network. You can now access your pictures/videos […]

Kanban Tasks

Organize your Tasks in the Kanban way – productivity and efficiency for your agile work! Kanban methodology Tasks are represented by Kanbans which are added to the Kanban board and then worked on. Do not place too much Tasks at once (!) in the TO_DO state! Dont promise to do […]

Visual Studio 2015

Turn every Class into a Singleton!

You can design any C# Class as a Singleton Class. By doing so you can not use it any other way. Or you can design your Classes as Standard Classes and turn them with this Class into a Singleton: 1234567891011121314internal static class Singleton<T>         where T : […]

All Connections

Android app for displaying all opened internet connections.
Handles both TCP and UDP version 4 and 6.

Advanced cross-platform mobile apps with Azure Mobile Apps and Xamarin

Creating connected mobile applications often requires some form of backend infrastructure. In this session, you’ll learn how to reuse your existing .NET skills to quickly build web services into your Xamarin apps, leveraging the power of Azure App Service. See how simple it is to integrate the Azure App Service […]

Microsoft Build 2017

Scan Archive the all-in-one-scanner solution for windows 10

Scan Archive

Scan Archive is the all-in-one Scanner Solution for Windows 10! Flatbed and Feeder Scanners are supported. Powerful filter options, you can even search in the full text thanks to the build-in OCR engine. Export archived scans as picture, PFD or MS Word Document.

EarthQuake Tracker

Keep track of current and historic earthquakes on planet earth. After the startup of this app the earthquakes for the last 48 hours are displayed on the map. You can choose to show the earthquakes for a different time frame by going to the settings page. In settings, you can […]

EarthView 3D

Create your own animations in Earth View Map 3D

Record your own animated video scenes in Earth View Now it’s possible to record your own animated scenes.  Fly through 3D cities and record your animation in realtime.  The saved file can be shared with other Earth View users by eMail or similar approches. However please notice that playback it […]