New Entity Framework (EF5) in .NET 4.5 changes

The new entity framework (EF5) shipped with Visual Studio 2012 features better query performance, support for enums and spatial data types, and – finally! – support for coding first.

See introduction/sample article from CodeProject for coding first; meaning creating your POCO classes and from there automatically database and data context.

Whats new in Entity Framework ver. 5:

· Enum support is a long awaited feature for EF and allows you to have enum properties in your domain classes. EF5 makes enum support available in the EF Designer and Code First.

· Table-valued functions in an existing database can now be included in models that are created using the EF Designer.

· Spatial data types can now be exposed in your model using the DbGeography and DbGeometry types. Spatial data can be included in models created with the EF Designer or Code First.

· EF5 also includes some significant performance improvements which you can find out more about on the ADO.NET Blog.

The EF Designer, which is included in Visual Studio 2012, also has some new features:

· Models can now be split up into multiple diagrams, which is great for working with larger models. You can also apply coloring to entities to help identify subsections of your model.

· Improvements to the wizard that reverse engineers a model from a database make it easier and quicker to batch import stored procedures for querying data.