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Image for Categories:

You can now assign any picture from your picture library (“albums”) as an image for a category.

Please understand that it is not possible to export/import custum pictures through SkyDrive.  Any custom picture will be replaced with a standard icon on epxort/import.  This app is for managing bookmarks and not for creating backups of your picture albums.


Backup through SkyDrive:

You can now export your bookmarks to your SkyDrive account.

Simply export your bookmarks on phone #1 and import them on phone #2.  Or just export your bookmarks on a regular basis in order to keep a backup.

If you “do not trust the cloud” you do not have to use this feature – it’s fully optional!

Youre SkyDrive credentials are not stored  on the phone.  Microsoft creates a token from your credentials and that token will be stored on your phone, not your real login data.


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