MyBookmarks Browser Plugin

Plugin for Desktop Browsers to send Bookmarks to MyBookmark for Windows Phone 8

This tiny plugin for Desktop Browsers enables you to share bookmarks from your Desktop Browser with the  “MyBookmark” app for Windows Phone.  Simply click on the plugins button and the bookmark will be send via eMail to your Windows Phone:


There, you just launch the Windows Phone Mail client and click on the embedded link:


MyBookmarks will open and add the bookmark to its collection.

The plugin is available for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome.

You can download the plugin for your browser here:

icon_ie icon_ff icon_chrome

Or perform an installation with automatic browser detection (hosted on a 3rd party server).

Internet Explorer:  On Windows running IE the dialog windows with the input prompts may be behind your browser and therefore not to be seen – send your IE window to the background in that case.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Google Chrome:  Since Chrome version 21 it’s only possible to install extensions from the Google Chrome Store and not from 3rd party websites.  Therefore, you will be redirected to the Chrome Store.  However, the extension is of course free of charge.

Uninstall:  To uninstall this browser extension for IE, go to control panel – software.  For FireFix and Google Chrome this is achived via the browsers extension settings page.