My Pictures Memory

Play the famous Memory Game with your own private Pictures!

Train your brain with your own pictures on Windows 10 Desktop/PC, Laptop, Tablet and Windows 10 Mobile (Phone).

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Use the build in card deck or use your very own, personal pictures for the memory game.  It is possible to use different sets of images for every game type.  Just use different folders that contain your images.  The pictures best fit when they are in portrait mode.  And make shure that you don’t include duplicates.   Otherwise you will have a difficult time  😉

Five different games types from 6 x 3 cards up to 10 x 5 cards are waiting for you – can you take the challenge?


You can make it easy… The easiest kind of game is a 6 x 3 game.  Create a folder and copy 10 pictures into this folder. Or use an already existing folder (directory) on your device.  Ten pictures within a folder is the minimal requirement for a 6 x 3 game.  If you want to make that  6 x 3 game harder, include more pictures into this folder.

Then go further!  For a 8 x 4 game you need at least 18 images in a folder.  The more images in a folder, the harder it will get when you play more memory games on that same level.  The less images in a folder (down till to the at least required nr) the easier a game on that same level will be when you play that level over and over   🙂



My Pictures Memory