Licensing modell of wsSqlSrvDoc

The trial version is simply what it is – evaluate our product for 30 days.  If you intend to work with wsSqlSrvDoc on a regular basis, you may choose one of these licenses:

Standard edition

For one user installed on one physical machine.

So if you have 2 users who work with wsSqlSrvDoc on one single physical machine, you’ll need to purchase 2 licenses.  If you have 1 user who works with wsSqlSrvDoc one 2 physical machines, you’ll also need 2 licenses.

However, the licensed user(-s) may access wsSqlSrvDoc remotly via RDC from another machine, that’s fine.  You even may install our product on as many virtual machines (Hyper-V, VMWare, etc.) as you like, because this scenario doesn’t match the phrase “physical machine”.  By doing virtualization, only the number of users who work with wsSqlSrvDoc is counting.

Enterprise Edition

For an unlimited ammount of users on an unlimited number of machines (both physical and virtual) within your organisation.