How to Install


After clicking on the download link, the first (of many…) “warning” from MS Windows will be displayed – proceed with clicking the Run button.


On Systems that have the Windows SmartScreen enabled, the next warning will be displayed.


Proceed.  If you haven’t local administrator permissions, an admin has to provide his password for the installation.

The Setup of tMORE will check for the prerequisites components.  That are:

  • MS Windows Installer
  • MS .NET Framework ver. 4.5
  • MS SQL Server LocalDB ver. 2012

If one of these prerequisites is not installed on your system, Setup will download and install it.

tMORE LocalDB SqlExpress Setup

Each of these software prerequisites has to be installed and configured – that can and will result in several “warnings” (meaning Windows User Account Control UAC will pop up, asking users without admin privileges for the admin password) and also Windows SmartScreen warnings (when enabled on your system).

Setup is now downloading MS SQL Server LocalDB 2012:

downloading SQL Express LocalDB

Windows UAC will pop up when you have not (local) administrator permissions:

tMORE Setup of SQL Server 2012 LocalDB

After allowing, Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB 2012 will be installed:


After all the prerequisites have been installed on your system, Setup will continue to install tMORE:

Setup tMORE

Click the Install button and Setup will continue:

downloading tMORE