HowTo Install – SmartScreen on Windows 8

On most Systems running Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1 (and Windows 9.0 in the near future) the Microsoft SmartScreen filter is active.  By default, MS Windows SmartScreen technology prevents new (and therefore “unknown”) applications from running:

SmartScreen Filter

Simply clicking on the button “OK” will terminate (!) the application.  One has to expand the displayed information by clicking on the “more info” link.  There, you will find another button “run anyway“.  Only by clicking this button, the application will be launched.

Launching an application with Windows SmartScreen filter

If you’re running the tMORE Setup under an account that has not locale administrator rights, you’ll also be prompted for the admin password:

Windows 8 SmartScreen filter

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Our thoughts:

The MS Windows SmartScreen filter (appeared in Internet Explorer 8 first, then implemented into the MS Windows OS starting with Windows 8.0) may be a useful security feature in some  scenarios that will help prevent bad applications from running, but in most  (!) cases it may prevent a legitimate  application from running. SmartScreen reports many information to Microsoft, so it does have privacy implications!

Therefore we recomand experienced  users to turn it off.