Using the Search: How-To

The search is a powerfull tool.  Basicly, you can search for:

  • Country
  • Country, Region/State
  • Country, Region/State, City
  • Country, City
  • City
  • name of a known object like f.e. “Golden Gate Bridge”
  • Country, (Region/State), City, name of known object

Please keep in min that the search function will search beginning from the current location on the map.  This means that if you currently view a region in country A and you want search for a city X that exists both in country A and country B, you will be taken to the nearest result – this is city X in country A.

On the other hand, if you are currently in country A and want to search for city X and those city exists both in country B and country C, you will be taken to city X in the nearest country (=nearest to country A).

So if a search result doesn’t take you “where it should have taken me”, please try to be more specific in your search phrase.   EarthView is only an app and can not read your mind.   😉