Remove Advertising

EarthView remove ads

Do you find the displaying of ads annoying?
Then remove them for a little, affordable fee!

By clicking on “Remove Ads” from the App Menu, you will be redirected to the Windows App Store where you can buy 180 days of not showing ads in EarthView.

You only have to pay once in order to supress advertisment on every installation of EarthView on all your Windows 10 Devices!

After those 180 days are over, you can resubscribe for another 180 adsfree days or you can continue to use EarthView as a free user (and receive ads again).

You can own up to ten (10) different devices with one windows user account.   Once you paid for 180 adsfree days, EarthView wont show ads on any of your devices.  So you only pay once and every installation of EarthView on different devices under the same user account will be ad free for 180 days.