Go2Sleep – extend the battery experience of your windows phone!

Discharging your Windows Phone 8 for better battery expericence

Extend the battery lifetime of your phone with Go2Sleep!

“Wish you could get the best out of your phone battery?”

“Wish you could avoid low battery surprises?”

“Wish you had more confidence in the battery level indicator being accurate?”

Well, if the answer is “yes”, then Go2Sleep is the Windows Phone app for you:

Even though lithium batteries don’t have the memory effect issue, they still have a phenomenon called state-of-charge (SOC) mismatch.

Charging the phone completely from this state will allow the microprocessors on the battery circuitry to recalibrate and start reporting accurate energy levels.

Go2Sleep discharges your phone quite fast by doing:

✓ GPU intensive 3D object drawing at 60 fps
✓ CPU intensive mathematics (calculating PI = infinite recursive function)
✓ High precision GPS based location capture (only  when turned on and you’ve given your permission in the app!)
✓ Ever-changing background screen color (“disco time”) for OLED displays
✓ Disabling the lock screen (=constantly consuming the same resources untill power-off)
✓ displaying actuall battery status
✓ displaying ads (which is annoying under normal circumstances but in this case it’s really a feature
because of constant internet network connectivity for faster discharging!)

Go2Sleep - extend your phones battery lifetime

Of course you could discharge your phone by watching YouTube videos, but Go2Sleep can discharge your phone significant faster without any needed interaction, keeping the CPU constantly busy at nearly 80%.

download from windows phone 8 marketplace

Be aware that by doing such heavy stuff some devices could become pretty hot.  We would consider it to be best practice to  ONLY  use this app when the battery is (significant) below 20% !

Also don’t use G2S on a daily basis – every 30 days is enough!

Extend the battery life of your phone with Go2Sleep

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