Convert video to animated GIF image

With giftyon you can convert short video files to animated GIF images.

select frame rate
GIF properties


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How it works

Simply select a video file from disk. In order to keep the generated GIF image small video files with a duration larger than 4 min 30 secs are not supported.

Next, select the “extract frame rate” in milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds are one second. For videos with a greater duration it is recommended to select a greater “extract frame rate”.

In the GIF properties page you can select various properties for the generated GIF image like for example the resolution in pixel. Although you could take the original resolution of the video we suggest that you use a lower resolution in order to keep the file size of the generated GIF image as small as possible.

You could also reduce the numbers of colors – the maximum value is of course 256 colors (that’s the maximum according to GIF standard definition).

Once your animated GIF image has been created you could also upload it to the website. After uploading your animated GIF will be available for example to all twitter or facebook users!