The Future of .NET Entity Framework

EF7 Will Support Windows Store, Windows Phone, Azure and SQLite

Entity Framework (EF) is one of the most popular data access libraries used by .NET developers when building client/server or web applications. Whether you have been building Windows applications using WPF or Windows Forms or you are building data-driven Web application using ASP.NET, you probably have used EF in your applications. TheĀ current version of EF is 6.xx.

But what about Windows Store, Azure, Windows Phone and other platforms? In EF6, there is no support for these technologies.

Here is the good news. At TechEd North America, the EF team announced that it is working on adding support to Windows Store, Windows Phone and Azure-based platforms so EF developers can take advantage of their existing skillset. EF 7 will support Windows Universal app, the single app that will run on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. EF7 will not stop there. It will also support Mono platform for both Mac and Linux.

SQLite is the most common database of choice on mobile devices and the EF team plans to support it with a new data provider for SQLite.