Settings – Location Service Accuracy

There are two different kinds of accuracy for detecting your location:

  • Default
  • High

Please understand the differences between those two types:

The default accuracy uses your cell phone signal and your WiFi signal (when enabled) to determine your location.  Notice that this can lead to quite different results depending on the quality of your network provider!  Its more a “you are near by this point” than “you are at this point”.   Noticed the difference?   On the other side, by using the default mode, your location will be detected quite fast.

The high accuracy uses GPS location tracking.  This can (especially on the 1st run after application startup) take quite a time.  But your location will be very accurat, meaning “you are at this point”.   Because GPS satellits are used you can not use this mode when you are in a building, only outdoors!


  • Default: 6 seconds
  • High: 12 seconds

When you run in a timeout, wait a little and then try again.  The speed of detecting your location depends on the quality of your network signal.  If you expericene timeouts all the time you should contact your network provider because that’s a no go.