Regional differences in sat picture quality

Please understand that we at wolfSYS don’t host our own satellite in the orbit.  Our business is about makeing software, not taking pictures!  We depend on Microsoft and Nokia for satellite images.

We know that there are different qualities for different regions.


There may be countries that do not allow taking “too good” satellite images for “national security” (lol) reasons.  You could see details of a military base or something like that…

In this case please don’t blame us – talk with your local government.

Your cellular network signal may be quite weak.  In this case you will not get HiRes images even if they are available for those region.

In this case please don’t blame us – talk with your network provider
(or switch to a better cellular network provider).

Some regional images are quite out of date.

In this case please don’t blame us – talk with Microsoft and Nokia
(remember: we make software, not pictures!)