Bing Search Integration

Starting with Version Earth Explorer integrates into the bing search results on your phone!

This means that you don’t necessarily have to search for places within Earth Explorer (which is still possible of course) but also from without – that is: your windows phone bing search experience.

Once Earth Explorer is installed on your phone, simply press the hardware search button and use bing search to find a place by using “more generell” search phrases like for example:

  • apple store berlin
  • london tourist attractions
  • boston police

You’ll see – that’s very handy when you do not have an exact address.

On the “web” tab of the search results, scroll down untill you find the returned places.  Those are marked with a number.  This number refers to the number of the place in the tiny map of the search.  Now tap on such a place and the details page will show up.

Here you switch to the “app” tab where a list of apps that “can do something with those place” will be shown and choose “Open Earth Explorer”:

SearchScreen001   SearchScreen002

This will start Earth Explorer showing those place. If the place doesn’t exist in your “MyPlaces” collection it will be automatically added to it.