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6 – Finished

Find and Upload your GIF Here you can open the folder in Windows Explorer that contains the created GIF picture. You can also open the website and upload the created GIF image to their collection. By doing so all twitter users will be able to use your animated GIF […]

Powerful UI: Grouping

The SCLR combat log window enables you to drill down the results via grouping: You can group by any column.  To do so, hover the mouse over the column Header and drag that column in the group field above This way you can customize the current layout of the combat […]


SCLR FIlter Editor

Powerful UI: Working with Filters

You can filter any column in the combat log window.  By doing so, only results that fall within your filter criteria will be displayed.  This way you’ll get rid of results that you are currently not interested in. To do so, move the mouse over the column header and click on […]

DPS/HPS/TPS Stats Window

The stats window displays your DPS/HPS/TPS stats for each single fight. Therefore, the stats window is only displayed when you’ve selected a certain fight: We do not show the DPS/HPS/TPS statístics for all fights because those numbers wouldn’t have any meaning at all.

SCLR showing DPS, HPS and even TPS

Wrong date is displayed

There is a problem: SCLR always displays the date of the current day and not the real date of the fights. Why is that? Quite simple: In the SWTOR combat log files, BioWare just and only stores the TIME value but not the DATE part. So Bioware does not store MM.DD.YYYY […]