ANObrowse Settings

Here you can customize the behaviour of ANObrowse.Modify the behaviour of ANObrowse

  • URL History
  • Proxy Provider
  • Startpage


URL History:

By saving your browsing history you enable the autofill address/URL text field in the web browser.  No need to enter the full URL, instead you simply type a few characters and select the URL from the autofill dropdown list:

ANObrowse - URL History on/off

If you have privacy concerns you do not neet to enable that option.  By default the “save URL history” feature is disabled.

Proxy Provider

Here you can select the provider of the anonymous proxy server.

Choose the Provider of the Anonymous Proxy Server

Hint:  HeadProxy and OnlineAnonymizer depend on session cookies.  This means that on each app start you will be taken to a webpage where you’ll have to enter the URL once again.  Then the session cookie will be set.  After that you can browse the web normally (=you wont be taken to this webpage again).


Here you can enter the address/URL of the start page.  Or you’ll pick one of the default start pages via the buttons after the textfield for the URL.  On each app start this page will be loaded.

Set StartUpPage

Of course you can leave this field empty.  Then ANObrowse will start with a blank page.  This is the default behaviour.