Create your own animations in Earth View Map 3D

Record your own animated video scenes in Earth View


Now it’s possible to record your own animated scenes.  Fly through 3D cities and record your animation in realtime.  The saved file can be shared with other Earth View users by eMail or similar approches.

However please notice that playback it is not guaranteed on low quality devices with little CPU power and low RAM.  Therefore, this feature is not available for the mobile version.   But running on a typical desktop PC you should encounter no problems.

How-To record a scene

Simply press the “record” button:


From now on, every move you’ll make will be recorded.  Navigate through the map as you like by moving through the streets, turning the map, zooming in/out.  Fly through 3D cities!  We recommend that you do so not too fast.  Most times, slow is smoother   🙂

You may have noticed that the icon and description of the button changed as soon as you started a recording:


Once you’re finished, simply press the “stop” button and your animated Earth View scene will be saved to disc.

How-To replay a scene

You can do so through the app itself by tapping on the “open” button


but you can also simply performe a double click on the saved file through Windows Explorer:


When you play a scene, the “play” button will change into a “stop” button.  Once you hit the “stop” button, the scene will be stopped immediately.