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Cloning Oracle VM VirtualBox Images

With VMWare’s various offerings, copying a virtual disk is easy: copy the disk in Windows Explorer and add it to a newly created VM; VMWare will detect that the disk was a copy and create a new unique identifier (UUID) for the disk before adding it to the VM. Easy […]

VS 2013

Exception handling – the common mistake

C# programmers usually forget that when they throw an exception using „throw ex” they loose the stack trace. It is then considerably harder to debug an application and to achieve appropriate log messages. When simply using „throw” no data is lost and the whole exception together with the stack trace […]

String to Anything in C#

Parse a string to whatever you want – Bool, Double, Enum… everything that is compatible with IConvertible! 123456789101112131415public static T? As(this string s) where T : struct, IConvertible {    try    {       Type type = typeof(T);       bool isEnum = typeof(Enum).IsAssignableFrom(type);       […]

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