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History changed about/update info Image for Categories: You can now assign any picture from your picture library (“albums”) as an image for a category. Please understand that it is not possible to export/import custum pictures through SkyDrive.  Any custom picture will be replaced with a standard icon on […]

Bookmark Organizer for Windows Phone

VS 2013

Windows 8.1 – combining XAML and DirectX

In Win8 one could combine the high level UI capabilities of XAML and the low-level rendering power of DirectX within the same app using the three XAML-DirectX interop APIs: SwapChainBackgroundPanel SurfaceImageSource VirtualSurfaceImageSource With Windows 8.1 Microsoft introduced two more options: The SwapChainPanel control: this control builds upon the functionality of […]

Microsoft launches Facebook Login API

Microsoft has launched its OneClick Facebook Login APIs for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8. Although the current release still is entiteled as “beta” Microsoft encourages developers to allready use it in live scenarios. More on the web…

Windows Phone: The old YouTube app is back

Microsoft reverted the YouTube app to the old one. This is two months after Google blocked the access to its services when Microsoft released a revamped YouTube app. Our opinions: 2 months for reverting back to an (previous) existing app? Serious MS ? Google shouldn’t denie user access, regardless of […]