downloading tMORE

How to Install

  After clicking on the download link, the first (of many…) “warning” from MS Windows will be displayed – proceed with clicking the Run button. On Systems that have the Windows SmartScreen enabled, the next warning will be displayed. Proceed.  If you haven’t local administrator permissions, an admin has to […]

HowTo Install – SmartScreen on Windows 8

On most Systems running Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1 (and Windows 9.0 in the near future) the Microsoft SmartScreen filter is active.  By default, MS Windows SmartScreen technology prevents new (and therefore “unknown”) applications from running: Simply clicking on the button “OK” will terminate (!) the application.  One has to […]

Windows 8 SmartScreen filter

uninstall tMORE

HowTo Uninstall

You can uninstall tMORE (like any other software product) via Programs and Features of the Control Panel. On Windows 7, simple open the Control Panel and go to “programs and features” and then to “uninstall“: On Windows 8 simple open up the search charm (press Windows Key and “C” simultaneously) […]

filter list of saved Tweets

Save and Open your work

tMORE allowes you to save your current Tweet for later usage. You’ll find the “Open Tweet” and “Save Tweet” in the “File I/O” Group of the “Home” Ribbon Tab. The Tweets won’t be stored as a physical file on your computer.  Rather they’ll be saved in the tMORE database. Did […]