Serve My Pictures

Turn your Android device into a web server and share your pictures on your WiFi!Serve My Pictures for Android

Turn your Android Device into a web server and share your pictures and videos from the Camera Roll with every browser on any device within the same WiFi network. You can now access your pictures/videos stored on your Android device with every other device (MS Windows Laptop, iOS device, WiFi-enabled TV and so on) with easy.

Turn your Android device into a web server with Serve My Pictures

Download all pictures in one single ZIP file

Yo can even download all files (pictures & videos) within your Android Camera Roll as a single .ZIP file.

The .ZIP file will be created in the local storage of your Android device. But be warned: when the size of of the .ZIP file exceeds the size of the local storage this will result in an error.  After you close the app via the “stop + exit” button any previous created file on your local storage will be deleted. This means that after closing the app you will have the same free local memory as before.

Share your IP Address

In order to access the content of your camera roll you need to enter the IP Address in a browser (on a device that is connected to the same WiFi network).  You can read that IP address from the app screen or you can even share the IP address (via menu or the blue action button).

Port 8080

Don’t miss the port number!  For security reasons Android OS does not allow listening on port 80 (that is the default WWW port). Therefore, the app is listening on port 8080.  Since that is not the default WWW port you have to add that port number (separated via “:”) to the IP address.  An example IP address with port number looks like this:

so you have to enter that IP address in the browser’s URL field.

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