HowTo share a Bookmark through email with another MyBookmark user

Simply tap for a longer time on the bookmark item you want to share.

The context menu will popup, there you select share through email:

After that, the Windows Phone Mail Client will be started with a “send to” email message.  You can add recepients there, modify the text (please don’t modify the provided link) and send it to another MyBookmark user through that mail.

This user will receive an email as follows on his device:


By tapping on the embedded link, the MyBookmark app will open.  When the user hasn’t allready the provided bookmark in his bookmark collection, the “add new bookmark” form will be displayed, allowing the user to add this bookmark.  Of course the user has the possibility to cancel the creation if he doesn’t like to.

However, when the provided bookmark allready is contained in the bookmarks collection, MyBookmark simply will display the send bookmark in the phones mobile browser.