HowTo create a live thumbnail (screenshot) of a webpage

When you add a new bookmark you have the possibility of adding a live thumbnail of the website that you add.  In order to take a screenshot of the website that you add simply click on the “get screenshot” button of the new bookmark page:

generate a screenshot for the given page

Another page with a mini webbrowser will open.  There you can generate your screenshot:

take a screenshot of the webpage

The mini browser acts like the standard phone browser:  You can zoom the website, scroll up/down and even navigate through the different hyperlinks on the webpage till you’ve reached the exact place/position where you want to take your screenshot.

Then simply tap the SAVE SCREENSHOT button or the SAVE button from the AppBar and your screenshot will be taken.

The design of a website has changed and you want to reflect that in your collection?

It’s no problem at all to change the live thumbnail of an existing bookmark.

Simply tap on the bookmark in the category list, choose “edit” from the context menu and assign a new screenschot!