Trim your Videos with VideoTrimmer for Windows 10   Self-taken videos often do have a problem regarding the start and/or end region of the video.  With VideoTrimmer you can easily cut those problematic start/end regions.  Trim down your video to the really needed part. Being an app for the Universal […]


EarthView for Windows 10

EarthView -Map 3D

View the Earth in real 3D with EarthView for Windows 10.
Walk the streets in many cities with street view!


SCLR is the SWTOR Combat Log Reader/Analyzer for Pros! Boost your SWTOR player performance to the max with the powerfull analyzing features of SCLR!

DPS chart


ContactsXls generates an Excel Worksheet that contains your Contact List from Windows Phone – Backup your Contacts without the Cloud!

windows 10 one OS for all platforms

Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview build #2

The Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phone (build 10051) is now available from Microsoft. New: Browser Spartan eMail & Calendar App Phone App Messenger App People App Maps App App Switcher reloaded


Steganography as a Windows 8.1 RT (metro) app. Hide your secret-eyes-only text in pictures like James Bond!

Hide Text in Images with PicStealth

windows 10 one OS for all platforms

New in C# version 6.0 – Auto-Property Initializers

In the past, we may have created our properties with a SET and GET and then initialized our constructor with the value that we wanted as shown below. 123456789public class Customer {     public Customer()     {         customerID = Guid.NewGuid();     }   […]