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MS SQL Tricks   Recently updated !

Identify your server instance When working with SSMS it can sometimes be unclear which server you are querying. This can cause problems especially when working on test, dev and production systems as most developers do. How can you clearly, in the blink of an eye, identify the connections when using […]

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SQL Server 2016 Developer Image available from Microsoft

The SQL Server 2016 Developer image supports the full set of SQL Server 2016 Enterprise features (In-Memory OLTP and DW, Advanced Analytics, Availability Groups, Row-Level Security, etc.). The image doesn’t have any limits (memory, storage, etc.), but it can’t be used in production environments. hosted on Azure details MSDN subscription […]

Edit & Continue for XAML apps

The biggest improvement for runtime debugging is Edit & Continue for XAML apps, introduced with Update #2 for VS2015. This feature now lets you change your XAML while an app is running and get immediate feedback. On its own, Edit & Continue is amazingly powerful. When combined with the UI […]

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Microsoft is building SQL Server for Linux

MSFT SQL Server is now available on Linux in the form of an early private preview, with a full launch planned for mid-2017. Until now, SQL Server was a Windows-only product, but as Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s executive vice president of its cloud and enterprise group, writes today, the company has […]